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How An Technical Audit Can Help Your SiteImage of a folder and tools

Whenever I hear the phrase “SEO Technical Audit,” I immediately question what a client specifically hopes to accomplish. This can be a confusing term that gets caught up as a buzz word.

An SEO Audit, to me, occurs when a client would like to improve their on-page factors, run a competitor audit, perform a gap analysis, gather a list of backlinks and correct all of the low-hanging fruit they can on each page.

A Technical Audit is a bit more in-depth. This occurs when a client would like to audit their load time, CMS, CDN or anything relating to coding.

How Do You Know If  You Need An Audit

If your website is taking a long time to load, slipping in the rankings or not bringing in as much traffic as it used to, consider having it audited to see potential ways to improve performance.

There may be an easy explanation that could possibly restore your rankings or there may be something that require a lot more work. whatever the issue may be, contact me to get started on repairing your web presence.

A Few Audit Tasks

Some of the SEO and Technical Audit tasks I perform are:

  • Site Crawl

    Reveal how search engines see your site
  • Image Audit

    Is your website ADA compliant?
  • XML Sitemap

    Is yours set up correctly?
  • Metadata

    Is it unique to each page?
  • Page Speed

    What is slowing down your site?
  • Local SEO Audit

    Is information consistent?
  • Gap Analysis

    How are your competitors doing?
  • Structured Data

    Control your SERP presence.
  • Backlink Review

    Are any backlinks causing harm?
  • Content Audit

    What you say and how you say it matters.
  • URL Structure

    Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Analytics Audit

    Are you tracking everything properly?


If you or your company feel you need a Technical SEO Audit, contact me today to get started.