Make Sure You Are Using The Terms Your Customers Are Using

How do you choose the right keyword?

Choosing the right keyword for your content can be tricky. There are terms/products that you may refer to one way, but your clients refer to as another. For example, some people may say “sneakers” while others will say “tennis shoes.”

All industries face this issue when it comes time to generate new content, or update older content.

There are many different things to consider when performing keyword research, such as:


  • Relevancy

  • Synonyms

  • Natural Speech

  • Competitors Terms

  • Industry Trends

  • Competition



Focus on Lead Generation

Don’t waste time trying to pull search volume for every keyword in your industry. Focus on the bottom of the funnel terms that will convert so you can gain more leads.

Search volume is not something you should obsess over. While it may be important to some industries, it is not important to all. Some low-searched terms may yield a very high conversion rate or be worth more to a company. Each company is unique so it’s important to not use a cookie cutter approach to keyword research.

Create a Keyword Matrix

A keyword matrix will help you visually map out terms for each page. This will also help you target semantic terms to be used throughout the copy.

Keyword research is also important when creating a content calendar. Here we are able to choose the terms we would like to market over the course of the next year or more, and predict the impact this will have on inbound traffic.

If you or your company are interested in conducting keyword research, contact me today to get started.