Manage Marketing Tags Easily With Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool by Google that makes managing & deploying marketing tags easy. Once the tracking code is installed on a website, digital marketers can add & deploy new tags to a website without having to involve a developer.

If you have GTM set up on your site or are looking to add this to your site, contact me to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Google Tag Manager will not replace Google Analytics rather, it can be used in tandem with GA to better track usability on your site. You will still be able to see historic tracking data in Google Analytics; Tag Manager is just another way of collecting user behavior and take your digital marketing to a new level.

Some benefits to Google Tag Manger include:

  • Install New Tracking Code

  • Create Variables & Triggers

  • Set Up New Goals

  • Run A/B Tests

  • Track Scroll Depth

  • Improve Reporting

  • Easily Apply Schema

  • Pull From DataLayer

  • Track All Events

How Does Google Tag Manger Work?

GTM works by taking information about your website and pushing it into your Google Analytics Account. GTM allows us to create different tag configurations to monitor specific engagements. We can also use the data layer to pass additional information into GA.

If you or your company would like a comprehensive Tag Manager setup, contact me today!