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As a digital marketing consultant, the following are a list of SEO services that I offer:

  • SEO Technical Audit

    • Make sure your website is free from any internal errors such as 403’s, 404’s, 500’s and beyond. You’ve spent a lot of time working on your business, make sure your website is working equally as hard for you!
  • Local SEO

    • Having a website is no longer enough. If you are going to compete in a local and hyper-local environment, like Long Island or NYC, you are going to need a solid SEO strategy to be active and employ all of today’s best practices.
  • Google Analytics Setup & Audit

    • Tracking your website’s activity is extremely important. You’re going to need to know if there is a seasonality to your business, what the most popular pages are on your site, how visitors are engaging with your site and what changes can be made to improve the quality of traffic and number of conversions.
  • Google Tag Manager Setup & Audit

    • If you are considering using Google Tag Manager or already are, contact me to ensure everything is set up properly. Google Tag Manager is becoming the defacto way to monitor a website’s traffic, make sure you’re using it correctly. Many businesses have Google Analytics set up but do not have it set up correctly, or, are not using it to its full potential. When we partner on a project, I will review your how you’re monitoring your websites traffic and offer suggestions on ways to enhance that data.
  • Reporting

    • Knowing how visitors interact with your website is imperative to online success. Are all of the channels you’re spending money on working to the fullest? Should you be spending money on something you’re not sure is bringing in enough traffic? Whether it’s learning how to navigate Google Analytics or setting up a Data Studio dashboard, let me help you understand how to view and understand this data.
  • Content calendar

    • Setting up a content calendar is a great way to plan out your content marketing for the next few months.  Using my template, we will be able to establish the keywords you would like to target, what areas you’ll want to mention, the images you’ll be using and the velocity at which you’ll be posting. Creating a content calendar is a great marketing strategy for both:
      • Blogging

      • Social Media

  • Keyword Research

    • Focusing on the most trafficked keyword or very broad terms is not a good approach. The goal should be to target terms that have the best user intent. These terms, usually long-tail keywords that will play into a larger content marketing strategy, will have the most benefit to your site.
    • Depending on the radius you are looking to target, it would be a good strategy to also include additional landmark items in your town like the Massapequa LIRR train station, Sunrise Highway or the Massapequa Diner.
  • Metadata & Keyword Refresh

      • Metadata is a great way to get your website noticed. Title tags are still an important ranking factor whereas meta descriptions will engage with a user and urge them to click on your site. If your website has experiencing a downward trend over the past few months or years, it may be time for a keyword refresh and metadata update to invigorate those downward trending pages.
  • PPC Audit

    • Many times people and businesses will set up an AdWords campaign and spend more than they have to. Are your campaigns and ad groups optimized? Are you targeting the right audiences? Have you checked that your landing pages are live and not returning a 404 error? Contact me to audit your AdWords and work on lowering your CPC.


Long Island and New York City can be a very competitive market. Regardless of your industry, working with a digital consultant will allow you the freedom to focus on growing your business while  creating a successful SEO strategy. Give yourself that piece of mind knowing that your marketing team will have the best guidance.


How to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing continues to evolve on almost a daily basis. If your Long Island business doesn’t have a digital marketing consultant to help you achieve a proper online presence,  your competition will capture those leads and sales.

Consider working with a digital marketing consultant who is experienced and knows what your business needs. With a dozen years of experience behind me, I have worked with businesses of all sizes and models. My approach is to learn how your business works and what the goals are for your website, then take that knowledge and begin an audit of your website. Once my audit is complete, I will present and review those results to you so we can choose the best course of action.

If you’re considering hiring a freelance or permanent SEO specialist, be sure to ask them the right questions. Below is a video released by Google that shows what questions to someone when interviewing them for SEO maintenance of your website: