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Watches are great. There are so many different styles to choose from, each with different types of movement. Over the past few years I have amassed a nice collection that will hopefully continue to grow.

Speaking of movement, there are two main types of watch movements that power watches. One is quartz and the other is mechanical.

How Watch Movements Work

Quartz movements can be found in many of today’s affordable watches in stores. The watches requires a battery to power its movement so there is not much that goes into the manufacturing of the mechanics. This also cuts down on the cost of the device.

Mechanical movements are more traditional and can be found in the higher end models such as Piaget, Rolex, Breitling or Patek Phillpe.  Since there is usually no battery, they store kinetic energy in a tightly wound spring that is wound by the wearer.

Mechanical watches can either be manual or automatic. Manual watches require that the crown is turned to wind the appropriate gears. Automatic watches contain a counter weight that uses a persons natural movement to turn the appropriate gears.

Another watch I have has a unique feature in that it is solar powered. The citizen eco-drive captures both natural and artifical light and converts them into evergy. This energy then powers the quarts movement battery for up to six months.

Don’t expect to see a traditional photovoltaic cell like you would on the roof of a house, this watch is cleverly designed and you would never be able to tell that it’s powered by light.

The Future of Telling Time

I’ve noticed in recent years, there seems to be a correlation between the rise in cellphone use and people not wearing watches as much. It could be that the time is digitally displayed large enough for everyone around us to see on our phones or that the times are changing (see what I did there?).

So what does that mean for the future horology?

Absolutly nothing. Watch makers are not going anywhere as long as there watch enthusiasts willing to don new timepieces.

Speaking of new, that brings me to my next topic, the smart watch. Maybe I just don’t understand it but it’s baffling to me why someone would essentially want a remote control for their cellphone on their wrist.

I consider myself to be a private person and dislike call center phone systems that require us to speak with no numerical equivalent for the menu options. So speaking my emails and text replies doesn’t seem all that appealing to me.

Yes, I get the convenience factor of having access to a handful of apps that are easily accessible but is it really that much of an extra effort to take a phone out of your pocket to do what you need to?

Let’s suppose for a second that I’m wrong here and smart watches are great. What about the fashion aspect of it? I have roughly a dozen watches that I rotate often so I get to wear a different one every day, depending on my outfit. A smartwatch has one style, one look that you’re married to when you make that purchase.

But maybe I’m right? According to this article on marketwatch, Apple’s smart watch sales have not been doing too well.

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