Uncommon Knowledge – 30 Day Challenge – Day 19

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There are many things that occur in our daily lives and many of which go unnoticed. For example, did you know that any

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feature in addition to telling time on a watch is called a complication or that that plastic tips on the end of shoe laces are called aglets?

Out of site, out of mind is commonplace in our busy schedules but that doesn’t mean life stops happening.

If you’d like to test your knowledge of everyday items and even parts of our own body, here is a great quiz to do that. I’m not ashamed to admit I learned a few things from this.

What is That Called?

BuzzFeed put together a great list called 58 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names and lists many interesting things you would never think of. Did you know that there is a name for odor of the air we smell after it rains? Or that Mondegreen, something I’ve been known to do more often than not, is the name applied to misheard song lyrics.

Did you know that the squiggly line under the escape key on your keyboard is called a tilde? ( ~ )

Beyond Names, What About the Facts?

Names aside, are your privy to any odd facts about everyday things we pass? Viralnova put together a great list titled 50

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Amazing Facts About Everyday Things You Never Noticed. For instance, in a deck of cards, which king is the only one without a mustache? Or what inspired Velcro?

What about those strange laws we hear so much about? Like it’s illegal to go whaling in Oklahoma or in New York, Women can walk the streets topless as long as it’s not for business but can’t wear body hugging attire.

The folks over at dumblaws.com have created a great website that compiles a list of these head scratching laws, separated by each state.

So the next time you get paresthesia, see a ferrule or use a zarf, keep questioning what other things have names that you may be unaware of.


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