The Return of Keyword Data

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Since mid-October 2011 Google has announced that they are moving to encrypt search so that it is more secure for everyone. This was done to protect all search queries since search is becoming more and more personalized (based on history, location, etc.). This has lead to webmasters receiving much less keyword data that drove traffic to their site and has hindered previous marketing efforts as well as reporting. Fast forward to 2013 and search has become fully encrypted which means the number of (not provided) keywords will eventually reach 100% in Google Analytics. This made a lot of people angry and questioned why Google would fully block such an important marketing metric.

Fast forward even further to 2014; Google has announced an update to Google Webmaster Tools will provide more detailed keyword data under the search queries section. The information will include more accurate  data with regards to impressions and clicks rather than just rounding off the numbers which was done before.

To access this information you can click on Search Traffic in the left-hand navigation then Search Queries. This will bring you to the Top Queries section and provide you with the number of impressions as well as the number of clicks that each keyword is receiving.

This is a much welcomed reprieve and a great way to start off the new year.

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  1. Hameem Kader

    Finally! At the recent SEO conferences, speakers were saying that Google Webmaster Tools data is inaccurate. It’s good that improvements in accuracy are being made.

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