Shine Some Light on These 50 Shades


The highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey was released this weekend and I, being a happily married man, was made to go see it.

The movie itself lacked a comprehensive dialog which made it difficult to follow (having not read the books) but I’ll let the critics mull over that one.

The one thing that caught my eye, despite everything else that was taking place in the movie, was the main character’s, Christian Grey’, watch.

Being  a watch guy I was hung up on finding out what brand and  style watch was there before me. I have watches that look similar but not that exact one so my curiosity got the better of me.

As soon as the movie let out I googled “Christian grey watch,” “50 shades watch” and “50 shades of grey watch.” Below are some (mobile) screen shots of what I found:

50 Shades of Grey Watch 50 Shades Watch 50 Shades Watch









Much to my surprise, nothing came up. I had to do a lot more digging to find out that he was wearing the AQUA TERRA SILVER DIAL BROWN LEATHER MENS WATCH, pictured below.

Christian Grey Omega Watch
Here is the watch Christian Grey wore in the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

What surprises me is that this watch is mentioned in the book, I am told, so the marketing department at Omega was well aware of the impact this was going to have on sales. So why aren’t they bidding on these terms?

The brand itself and retailers that carry this brand should create a campaign for all variations of these terms. Any time something is mentioned in pop culture it’s an excellent strategy to build a campaign around those terms as they will convert.

Not all the terms I mentioned have much search volume but there are variations that prove people are searching for that watch.

A slight downfall is that the phrase “watch” also means to see as in “watch movie online” but those can be added a negative terms.

This isn’t the fist time I’ve seen brands fail to take advantage of the free advertising, sadly it happens quite frequently.


Always bid on your brand, especially if it’s mentioned in pop culture.

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