Resolutions Revisited – 30 Day Challenge – Day 23

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We’re just about eight months in to 2015 and I though this would be a good time to see how I’m doing on the resolutions I’ve made earlier this year.

Previously, long before the snow has had a change to melt, the promises I’ve made to better myself were tossed aside and forgotten as I’m sure is true for many of you reading this.

But this year has been different. So far I’ve managed to stay focused and keep those promises I made to myself. The promises to make more time for myself, to write more and to be more organized. I’ve even made a few more along the way like exercising and taking a new route to work everyday.

Getting In The Zone

How, do you ask, am I able to keep up with the promises I made to myself? To keep the resolutions that are often tossed aside and forgotten like a New Year’s Day hangover ?

The trick is to get in the zone before the date approaches. Psych yourself up in advance and start to incorporate elements of the new resolution in you daily routine. This way it’ll be an easy transition once the date approaches.

For years now, about six months before my birthday, I’ve been telling myself I’m a year older than I am so when my birthday approaches, it’s not a shock and I’m used to the number.

The same methodology was applied here. I took a new way to work a few times, started waking up earlier and experimented with cloud storage tools to better organize my thoughts.

Staying In The Zone

The next logical question is, how do I stay committed to these resolutions? Well I’m glad you asked.

Incorporating the changes in my routine before New Year’s Day definitely helped but winters in New York can be brutal. So waking up early isn’t fun, neither is experimenting with new routes to work when the air is so cold it hurts your face.

Some ways to help stay focused on your resolutions are as follows:

  • Set Reminders
    • Set a reoccurring reminder on your phone, once a month, and list the resolution(s).
    • This will help to remind & reinforce what you originally set out to accomplish.
  • Set Goals
    • Setting goals makes it real. When we have a deadline for a specific goal, it drives us to stick to achieving of.
  • Tell People
    • Sharing what you set out to achieve with friends, family & coworkers.
    • Everyone will ask you about your progress which should be a motivating factor to continue.

It’s ok and natural to not keep up with a new regimen; do not get discouraged. Follow the steps above and you’ll be right back on track in no time.

I’d love to hear from you if you have made a resolution this year and stuck with it. Are there any ways not mentioned here that help you stay focused with achieving your goals?

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