Rainwater Collection – 30 Day Challenge – Day 25

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rainwater collection barrel
Image courtesy of Paul Sableman

Another item to add to the want list of life. A rainwater collection system.

Living in New York, we water our lawns every other day, when there isn’t a drought, to preserve our water supply. Having a system like this would allow me to water my lawn every day since I wouldn’t be using any reserves.

So, how does a rainwater collection system work?

How Rainwater Collection Works?

There are a few different types of rainwater collection systems available but for today I’m just going to cover ones to water lawns.

In order to set this up, a storage tank is fitted next to our house or garage near the gutters; this allows water to be collected in different sized containers (tanks). The incoming water is filtered so leaves and other debris are not transferred in.

The storage tanks range from 40 gallons to over 100,000 gallons for larger properties. For my purposes I think something on the lower end would be sufficient.

The water you have collected in the barrel (or tank) can then be used as if thought you were turning on hose on the side of your house.

Unlike other states,  there are no laws in New York that prevent us from collecting rainwater. This makes me want to start this project even sooner since there are no legal ramifications preventing me from doing so. Unfortunately, there are no incentives awarded by my state like they offer in California but that is not a deterrent.

I have been looking at the different and clever ways people have been setting up their systems and have found some really great ones here and here.




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