Beginning Photography Resource – 30 Day Challenge – Day 17

30 Day Challenge Photography

A little over two years ago my wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world. She is absolutely incredible and the best thing that has ever happened to us. Newborn babies are incredibly adorable and every move they make is precious. As a parent you want to capture every movement and build a library of […]

Personal Transport – 30 Day Challenge – Day 15

30 Day Challenge Random

Working in Manhattan is not without its challenges. Having to circumnavigate the throngs of directionally challenged people is a part-time job in itself.  But, there is a certain zen to it all. Looking around I can see so much technology used for both business and personal means. Cell phones, tablets, eReaders, and even selfie sticks […]

Friends, Family & Schedules – 30 Day Challenge – Day 12

30 Day Challenge Random

It’s no secret that The older we get the more convoluted our schedules become. Work increases and takes precedence over our social lives, friends & family move and we fall out of touch. We start our own families & with that comes new, and unexpected schedules. All of this is ok and natural; we just […]