Organizing Thoughts – 30 Day Challenge – Day 14

30 Day Challenge Random

Last week I wrote a brief review on the progress of my first week into this 30 day challenge. Today I’d like to follow that up with

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a post on how I’m organizing my thoughts…or how I’d like to organize my thoughts.

I love to write but don’t always have as much time to delve deeply into a topic as I’d like. Many of my posts are written during my commute and as a result, I feel, are rushed. I know this is an exercise and probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously but we are our own worst critic.

The Tools Used to Corral my Thoughts

Ideas for blog posts, links to articles I’d like to reference, all these things happening at different times and places. What can I do to keep them all organized?

Write a Word Cloud

I’m fortunate enough to use a Surface Pro 3 as my main computer and one of the features it has is a pen. This is not your standard Bic ballpoint but rather a sophisticated device that can be used to control  the computer.

When writing, by hand, I can quickly jot down some ideas in a word cloud format and tie them together. This is helpful when planning out posts for my previous company’s blog when I contribute.

Mind you, it’s not necessary to have a Surface Pro 3 in order to do this, this can be just a effectively with pen and paper.

Capture Lightning in a Bottle with Cloud Storage: Google Drive, Onedrive, Evernote & Trello:

Ideas don’t always come to me when I’m sitting at my desk. Many times a stroke of genius (as far as I’m concerned) will occur

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to me while waiting online at a store, while sitting at a red light in traffic or on the train ride to and from work.

It’s important to capture this lightning in a bottle as it occurs so it’s not lost forever.

Using online tools such as the ones listed below help to organize my thoughts and keep them together in one central place as I can easily reference from anywhere.

Google Drive

More specifically Google Docs, is used to quickly jot down some ideas or get the content flowing if sentences start coming to me. I grab my phone, open up a new doc and start writing. Later when I’m sitting in front of my computer I can open that same file and either pick up where I left off or copy it into WordPress.

Microsoft’s Onedrive

Is amazing. I have the app on my phone and backup all of my photos. This has been helpful on more than one occasion when trying to find the perfect image to compliment my post. The backup has to be done manually but that doesn’t bother me as I have a library of images to choose from now…all that I own!


To be completely fair and honest I don’t have much experience using Evernote. I started using it a few times but just found that Google Docs (and sheets) work better into my process.

From the times I have used it though it works great. Setting up new notes are incredibly easy and they sync across any device. Very useful when an idea comes to you and you’re far away form your computer.


My new favorite tool. Trello makes it easy to create new Boards and lists which are incredible for organizing ideas. Boards can be used for different blog topics and the lists that are within them used for different content sections.

Trello can also be used as a pseudo task management system like Asana. Milestones (images, documents, etc.) can be uploaded to each list and shared with a team.

Working remotely with all of these options has definitely made the writing process easier. The freedom to relax knowing there are options available to capture my thoughts leaves me worry free when I step away to run an errand.

There are probably many other ways to create while on the go; do you have any programs you use frequently?

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