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I, as I’m sure many of you reading this, have many electronic items that are used on a daily basis. The challenge here is transporting all of them when commuting and worrying about keeping them charged long enough to use them.

A while ago I purchased a portable charger which was great for powering up my phone and iPad at the same time. This was perfect for conferences and traveling but wasn’t enough juice for a laptop.

These days I don’t rely on portable backup power so much as I have my routine timed pretty well. Still, I wish batteries in general would last longer than they do currently.

Apparently, I got my wish.

Many companies, including Apple, have been rethinking the battery. They [Apple] have figured out how to stack electrode sheets on top one another so they can be placed in any size they need to be.

See, the way batteries work, lithium ion batteries, is that they move electrons back and forth between both ends of a battery. This releases energy that powers the device they’re used in.

Stacking as many electrode sheets as possible into one battery could mean we would be able go days without charging our devices. We may be a few years away from that but I’m optimistic and would like to see it soon.

Until that time arrives there are several alternate methods we can use to charge our devices:

Do you have any clever or unique ways you charge your devices?



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