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U2 at Madison Square Garden 7/23/2015
U2 at Madison Square Garden 7/23/2015

Last night my amazing wife and I saw U2 at Madison Square Garden. This was my fourth time seeing the band and they continue to impress.

Bono belted out every song with record quality vocals and the other band members, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullens Jr. did not miss a note (or beat).

Stepping back and looking at the big picture though it got me thinking; this one band has managed to create something so spectacular that it motivates thousands of people to move pack out an arena and move on command.

Naturally, the marketer in me started think, how can this be applied to marketing?

The Rockstar Approach to Marketing

Large eCommerce sites such as Amazon do an incredible to job of bringing in many customers who make purchases and keep coming back.

Like a band that puts out multiple chart topping albums, Amazon has found their sound and audience. But how?

Testing, Testing and More Testing

Bands don’t write one song and expect to sell out the garden overnight. We’ll, maybe some expect it but it never actually

U2 at Madison Square Garden 7-23-2015
U2 at Madison Square Garden 7-23-2015

happens that way.

When you’re in a band, building a fan base requires multiple songs, usually in the same genre, that resonate with the user.

Amazon does an amazing job of supplying content to the user, us, which keep us all coming back in droves like fans of a band that pack out an arena. Not content in the form of a blog but in the form of descriptions and UGC, user generated content.

That UGC are reviews and images supplied by us, the user. Like a band that makes music videos and constantly puts out new merchandise, Amazon’s product level content is build out to keep us engaged.

Success at this magnitude does not happen overnight but U2 definitely deserve everything they have worked to achieve; Amazon deserves every new and returning client they have. Both have done incredible jobs marketing themselves and providing us with amazing content.

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