Google Search Console – A Comprehensive Guide – Part 7

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Hello and welcome to part 7 of my 7 1/2 part guide to Google Webmaster Tools. In this post I will be covering the Labs section of Google Webmaster Tools.


There are not many parts to this section but the ones that are here are very useful. The Labs section contain experimental tools that have not yet been pushed live, to the other sections of Webmaster Tools. The two areas we’ll cover today are Author Stats and Instant Previews.

Author Stats

Those of us who have Authorship set up on our blogs may have noticed some different things about our websites. For starters, a thumbnail image from our Google+ profiles may be showing up next to our website in the SERPs. Authorship associates our identities with those websites and helps to establish us as authorities on that subject matter.

The benefit of implementing authorship is that it leads to a higher CTR because there is a certain trust factor associated tying an identity to a website.

In Webmaster Tools, we are able to see a chart of how frequently our work is showing up in the SERPs. The chart, similar to the one seen under Search Appearance and Search Traffic, give us a link to the page we wrote, the number of impressions it received, the number of clicks that post has as well as the CTR percentage and average position.

webmaster tools author stats screenshot 1
Google Webmaster Tools Author Stats Screenshot 1

It’s pretty cool to see all of your work in one central location like this.

Notice there are two links at the top of the image above. You is hyperlinked and points to your Google+ page. Learn more about verifying authorship takes us to a page where Google describes what authorship is and how to achieve it.

Instant Previews

This area in Webmaster Tools lets us see a preview of how our page will look similar to the preview window in the SERPs. Although Google is no longer showing previews in the SERPs, we can still see how it would look here.

webmaster tools instant preview screenshot 2
Google Webmaster Tools Instant Preview Screenshot 2


Although the Labs section of Google Webmaster Tools contains experimental tools that are not completely out of beta, it’s definitely worth checking out because we can only learn more about our websites by exploring.

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