Friends, Family & Schedules – 30 Day Challenge – Day 12

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It’s no secret that The older we get the more convoluted our schedules become. Work increases and takes precedence over our social lives, friends & family move and we fall out of touch. We start

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our own families & with that comes new, and unexpected schedules.

All of this is ok and natural; we just need to remember to find a balance so we are able to see everyone.

It’s important to maintain conversations & get togethers with our friends and family

I recently had a birthday and was fortunate to have a get together with some close friends that were able to make it.

How to Maintain a Social Life

Here are some tips on ways to maintain a social life when our schedules fill up quickly:

  • Schedules

    That’s just it. We love our adult lives on a schedule. For me, if it’s not in a calendar or reminder, it’s probably not going to happen.

    If scheduling is difficult, plan gatherings & social events far in advance. This way it’s on your calendar, you can plan around it & there is something to look forward to.

    It may seen strange to put down “hanging out with…” On your calendar but it works. And if you don’t want to be the friend who disappears, I suggest you try it.


  • Holidays & Birthdays

    Having just had (another) birthday this past week my wife and I had a small gathering at our house.

    happy birthday banner
    A banner hung during my recent birthday party at my house

    It was great to see everyone who could make it but wistfully, these are the only times everyone can get together.

    Use this time to plan a get together with everyone. If you can’t host a party, plan to meet up at a bar or restaurant.

    Everyone usually has a certain amount of time off from work around the holidays and weekends that are near birthdays can be designated times where everyone can gather.

  • Play Dates

    Many of us have children and our friends do as well. Instead of staying home, make a play date with some friends and have them bring their kids over.

    The kids can play and make friends while the adults catch up and talk.

    This will allow the adults to speak to someone else their own age and not have to reference cartoons for a while as the children entertain themselves.

There are probably a few other way to stay in contact and get together with friends but the ones listed above are some of the activities my wife and I have and continue to use.

I’d love to hear some ways you manage and maintain your social life. Dart league? Bowling? Playing in a band?

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