Finish Lines – 30 Day Challenge – Day 26

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Finish LIne
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Since I’m nearing the completion this month’s 30 day challenge, I’m looking to start a new one next month.

This time I’d like to exercise more so I recently I cleaned off the treadmill and ran a few times.

I used to run track in high school and loved doing cardio when I exercised more frequently years ago. My intent is that this new challenge will spark something within and allow me to work exercising into my daily routine.

July’s 30 day challenge, to write more, has opened my eyes to what is possible for my writing and I would like to continue that trend on new challenges every month.

Once the new challenge is over you can expect an update on this post. Keeping it short today because I’m pressed for time but I’ll update this shortly with my progress.


***Update 9/11/2015***

I have been running almost daily since writing this post and have seen many benefits as a result. From a health perspective I am down five pounds and no longer get winded when running for my train.

From a mental clarity point of view I have time to work through and think on ideas for future blog posts. It’s nice to be alone with your thongs on a particular topic for certain period of time as I found it really enhances focus on the subject matter.

It’s difficult to fasten my computer to my treadmill otherwise I’d probably have converted it into a walking desk by now. That may be a project for a future date. Until then, I’m happy with my current progress and increasing my Fitbit steps.


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