Faster Researching – 30 Day Challenge – Day 7

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Faster Research
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One of the many things I love about SEO is that we are challenged to become experts quickly in our clients field. This requires us to expedite our research on their subject matter so we can be fully prepared to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

The most efficient way I have found to do this is by using Google’s search operators. These are filters that are applied to a Google search which greatly reduce the amount of results returned when looking something up.

A real time saver especially when there are millions of results returned for a single query.

How Search Operators are Applied:

There are many to choose from but some of my favorite search operators are: site:allintitle: and using quotes “QUERY.”

The site: search allows us to see how many pages of a particular website are indexed in Google. This is good to know when doing an audit since it generally indicates if there is a problem with the site.

The allintitle: operator is convenient when doing competitive research. This allows us to see how many other websites are using that exact term on their sites as well.

Quotes come in handy when you are looking for an exact match on something. This can be a URL or specific phrase. Placing quotes around something when doing a search will return all results that exactly match whatever is in between them.

Another great keyboard shortcut I use is the find feature, ctrl+f on Windows, Command+f on Mac. What this does is allow us to search a web page or document for a particular word or words and take us to it/them instantly.

This saves a lot of time when you need to find something quickly.

Additional Ways to Save Time

What I like to do next is open up a Google Doc and save my findings there so I can easily access them from anywhere on any device. This is convenient because if you’re standing in line and think of something you can easily add it to this list.

I also love an app called Team Viewer which lets me remotely access my computer from anywhere. Since there are programs or files I may need on my work PC when working remotely, this app is instrumental in working efficiently.

Many of these techniques help to save time when doing research and will hopefully help you to reclaim some of your time as well.

30 Day Challenge: One Week Review

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As this is the seventh post among my 30 day challenge I felt it would be a great opportunity to let you know how I feel this is impacting me.

When i generate an idea for a post I am starting to visualize how it should and will be constructed with less difficulty. It’s almost as though the structure of my posts are unfolding with every title I choose.

There is a hierarchy of content that should flow in every post and I am close to achieving that. By the end of the month I would like to be able to write a 1,000 word post in under an hour; currently my tally is about a 500 word post per hour. This is including research on the topics as well.

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