Exercising It All – 30 Day Challenge – Day 20

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Exercising isn’t easy. If it were more people would probably do it. I I know I would. Between finding the time and picking the right activity, it’s just not part of many people’s daily routine. 

Let’s suppose for a minute that you found an extra some extra time to go jogging. Clear the clothes off that treadmill and just run.

I was fortunate to be able to do that this weekend and it felt incredible. It was great to exercise my body, and mind, while jogging.

During my run I was able to focus and work out some ideas I had related to, well work. It was my time to focus.

The time flew by quickly while I was thinking through some things and before I knew it I had been running for over 20 minutes.

Don’t think you have to start out running. Take it slow and walk for a few minutes. The same principles apply. You’ll be able to let your mind wander and either clear your head or focus intently on something that requires attention at work.

On future runs I may have my phone with me to jot down some ideas,(another 30 day challenge?) other times I may just enjoy the silence and try to clear my head.


***Update 9/11/2015***

In a more recent  post I discussed a similar topic where I use running to clear my head and focus on an idea. This practice not only has benefited me by ideation but from a health perspective as well.

I plan to continue to jog/run every day that my schedule permits  and will hopefully have some great things to write about from my endeavors.

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