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Yes, another item to add to my want list (it seems that I want a lot of things, doesn’t it?). Today’s item is an uncommon instrument called the Chapman Stick.

The Chapman Stick, or stick, is a guitar / bass hybrid that is played solely with ones fingers. There are a few different models available, I’m looking at the 12-string one.

How It’s Played

I’ve been playing bass over 20 years, 6-string for about 16 of those years so I’m no stranger to the pizzicato method of playing.

The Chapman Stick uses a slightly different method called two-had tapping or two-hand touch.

Players can tap out the rhythm with their left hand and simultaneously tap out the melody with their right. The tuning on this instrument is going to take some getting used to because it’s essentially two guitars with a few bass strings in the middle.

The guitars strings that are played with the left hand, rhythm, are tuned standard while the strings played with the right hand, melody, are tuned backwards.

While I don’t see this instrument in my immediate future, maybe you’ll see a picture of me surface playing one if I ever decide to start playing in a band again.


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