Beginning Photography Resource – 30 Day Challenge – Day 17

30 Day Challenge Photography

A little over two years ago my wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world. She is absolutely incredible and the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Newborn babies are incredibly adorable and every move they make is precious. As a parent you want to capture every movement and build a library of cuteness.

How I Got Into Photography

When I was in college I was heavily into all things digital. My focus was web design so naturally I picked up Photoshop. This allowed me to not only develop websites (by hand) but also gain experience in manipulating photos. My first digital camera was a Fuji Finepix —-. It was great at the time and unparalleled in competition for years.

Eventually cameras would be added to our phones and the megapixels would increase. Soon my 4.7 megapixel wonder became obsolete.

Fast forward a few years to me being a parent and I was there, frantically collecting images on my phone of my daughter’s every movement. Every picture was cute but I felt they were missing something; I wanted the quality to be better.

The Jump to DSLR

Having been interested in photography for years I started to research a good camera that produced excellent quality. I came across the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It’s an 18 megapixel camera that rakes amazing pictures. I was instantly enamored.

This camera offered more quality and control than I was used to. I found myself researching tips on how to use the different features and what each one does.

Below are a list of the websites and videos that have help me get started working with a DSLR.

Canon Rebel EOS T3i Tutorial:

Canon Rebel EOS T3i Settings:

The website offers a lot of great DSLR tips and tutorials for many different desired effects and results.

Here is a great resource if you are looking for a way to get that blurred effect on a stream or waterfall. It discusses using a tripod and neutral density filter to cut down on the amount of light coming in. I’m glad I read that because I was having some difficulty with those features when I first started.

Also, living on Long Island there aren’t too many waterfalls for me to practice this setting on so I’m sort of at a loss there. I’ll have to head upstate one of these days and find a spot to practice on.

Another great resource is They offer great tips for different types of photography from landscape to taking night shots.

I still consider myself a novice but each time I pick up my camera I find myself tinkering a little more. I’m considering starting a new section of my website to show off some pictures. What do you think?

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An SEO in NYC with a penchant for the technical side of things. Father, Husband, Novice Photographer and Music Lover.

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