A New Way Everyday – 30 Day Challenge – Day 8

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Empire State Building at Night

A while ago I gave myself another 30 day challenge where I would take a different route to work each day. Since I work in Manhattan this is incredibly easy to do. From Penn Station I can take a few different subways, or walk which has been great for my Fitbit activity.

Since doing this a few months ago I have been trying to maintain it several times a week a absolutely love it! There are so many new places to eat and shop that have been uncovered which also lead to a greater knowledge of the surrounding around near my office.


The Benefits Experienced by Taking the Road Less Traveled

As mentioned earlier, taking a new route to work every day has given me the opportunity to discover many new places by takingTh e Flatiron Building alternate routes. This sometimes means walking further which I’m completely fine with.

Walking from  Penn station to the Flatiron district once seemed like an impossible feat, now is part of my daily routine. I’d like to get to the point where I can one day discontinue using the subway (and save some money) but that day is not quite here yet.

Since my awesome wife bought me a Fitbit a few months ago my eating and exercising habits have improved. Using the Fitbit in tandem with my alternate routes challenge has also led to me losing a few pounds which never hurts either.

The impromptu morning exercise, I’ve noticed, gets the blood flowing and I’m more alert when I get to the office. I was never one for coffee so I can’t say that I have been able to nix my caffeine addiction (sorry java junkies).

Sightseeing and Photography

A hobby and longtime interest of mine is photography. A few years ago I bought a Canon DSLR camera that I absolutely love. If

Gimbles' 32nd Street Bridge
Gimbels Traverse 32nd Street Bridge. Here are some pictures from inside

there was an easy way to bring my camera with me to work every day I would. It bothers me that I’m unable to capture just some of the things seen on a daily basis: architecture, art, performance, the list goes on.

Since switching over to a Surface Pro 3 the amount of stuff brought with me to work has drastically reduced. This creates a challenge when I decide to bring anything extra since there is not much extra room; I generally have to bring multiple bags which doesn’t make travel easy.

With the summer in full swing I plan on continuing my different route every day and will update this post with more images taken from my journeys.

***Update 9/17/2015***

I continue to employ this method of travel in my daily routine. No longer is it limited to just getting to work, I find myself taking the scenic route whenever I run to the store or to pick up lunch. 

New York City is a great place to work because each block will have it’s own unique events happening, detached and isolated completely from the next. 

One block will have people walking their dogs before work while one block away there is a crew filming a movie. 

I love to walk by and witness everything going on because each day brings something different. 


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