30 Day Challenge – Day 1 – Writing More

30 Day Challenge

The Plan

Writing is something I love and would love to do more however, obstacles often arise that usually prevent me ceasing the opportunity to be creative. This month is different; I am determined to write something, anything, everyday, even if it’s less than 100 words.30 Day Challenge, Day 1, Shark

Recently I wrote a post about finding more time in your daily routine so I am going to utilize that extra time this July.

The Goal

There is no end game in mind with this self-challenge although, I am secretly hoping by the end of the month I will have trained  myself to think like a writer so future posts will come easier to me.

The best course of action at this point is to come up with a content calendar so the month of posts will be planned out. This will should help to avoid any rambling on future posts since the ideation process will have be somewhat conceived prior to writing.

About the Author:

An SEO in NYC with a penchant for the technical side of things. Father, Husband, Novice Photographer and Music Lover.

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