My 2015 Resolutions, So Far

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New Year’s Eve and Day snuck up rather quickly for me this year as I’m sure it did for most people. I was never one for stating or keeping my resolutions but this year I was a bit more meticulous in choosing what I wanted to improve so I’m making a conscious effort to stick to them.

Below are a few ways I plan to stay better organized and get the most out of my time moving forward.

Better Organization

In an effort to handle more work and get a better handle on my current workload, I have started taking better notes and notating my work. Some of the tools that have been extremely helpful are:

  • Google Drive. Here I can create spreadsheets or documents and update them from anywhere. This helps me because I travel roughly three hours a day (total) to and from work so having access to work documents from anywhere is a win.
  • Google Analytics Annotations. This small, almost unnoticed section of Google Analytics can save you so much time in the future. My advice is to annotate every change that is made on a website. This will save you a lot of time in the future when you’re trying to track down exactly what was done to report on (hopefully big wins!).

More Communication

  • Get out there more. Being a parent and commuting as much as I do (3+ hours a day) makes it difficult to do anything other than work, then routine chores around the house. One of my goals this year is to get out more frequently to engage with people in my field, make new friends and stay updated with current ones.
  • Increase my social media presence. I consider myself to be active on social media however there are some power users that I admire and would like to have the online presence that they do. To do this I have started to allot certain times during the day to check-in on twitter, update and browse Google+ as well as communicate more frequently with connections on LinkedIn.

Personal Time

  • I need to be greedy and schedule some ME time. Commuting, working and miscellaneous errands eat up a majority of my time and when I’m not doing the aforementioned I try to spend every possible second with my wife and daughter. This winter I have already managed to clean out my garage and set up some exercise equipment; the next step is to actually start using itJ. I’d also love to start playing music again but baby steps, I understand.

Create Something Worthy

  • Write more. I love writing and do it as often as I can but there are just not enough hours in the day to do all that needs to get done. As a result I often put off my research and writing to complete everything. I plan to block out at least 30 minutes a day to write and/or research a topic.


Resolutions do not need to be a hard lifestyle change but can occur gradually. As an individual in the search filed, being organized is crucial so increasing that will be a win.

If anyone can recommend other ways to stay organized or have products they use, please feel free to share them with me.

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