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December 2013 -

Is It Possible To Spam Google Authorship?


Shortly after Google+ was launched, we started to see images of authors appearing in the SERPs next to a website. Before this was officially recognized by Google, it was being called authorship. This authorship, or author authority, sent a signal that the person’s image you were seeing was a trusted source of information on this topic. […]

SOME Duplicate Content is OK


We’re all guilty of it, using the same text on multiple pages of our websites. Sometimes it may be necessary to list legal jargon as a disclaimer, other times it may be used for pricing or product information. Regardless of the cause, we have been in fear of getting penalized by search engines for not […]

Guest Blogging Pitfalls


Guest blogging is a great way to obtain links back to your site but you have to be careful how you go about implementing this. Since guest blogging has come under some scrutiny lately, Matt Cutts was kind enough to create a video clearing up what NOT to do in this convoluted strategy. After watching […]

What are my (not provided) keywords?


Since Google has decided to fully encrypt keyword data, marketers are no longer able to easily determine what keywords are driving organic traffic to their site. The past few years have seen an increase in the percentage of (not provided) keyword in Google Analytics making it more difficult to measure successful marketing metrics. Many people are now […]